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   Office Visits

A Naturopathic evaluation is more comprehensive than a traditional doctor's office visit. Dr. Fillis examines each patient's immediate concerns, as well as other aspects of health. These include sleep, energy, digestion, hormones, stress, and diet, all of which can play a role in a patient's well-being. Herbs, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes, and natural hormones are prescribed as indicated.

   First Visit Includes:

         - 1 to 1.5  hour comprehensive consultation
         - Physical exam by Dr. Fillis, as indicated

   Follow Up Visits Include:

     - 20-45 minute consultation to evaluate progress

     - Discussion of lab work, test results if applicable

Lab Work/Testing

Restoration Health offers traditional lab work, as well as some non-traditional testing.  These include:

Neurotransmitter Testing

Neurotransmitter testing is invaluable in evaluating a patient's brain chemistry. Depression and anxiety are affected by many things including serotonin levels. Other neuro-transmitters play a role in mood and emotional outlook, including dopamine, GABA, epinephrine, and PEA. Neurotransmitter testing measures all of these to determine which are high or low. Balancing your neurotransmitters can give you more energy, alleviate depression and anxiety, and relieve PMS and Menopause symptoms. (Read more)

Micronutrient Testing

Many of us take vitamins and we're not sure how much is being absorbed or utilized. Micro-

nutrient testing measures the nutrient status of our actual cells and can help us decide if we are taking the correct dose of our vitamins, or if we need to try something new. 

(Read more)

Hormone Testing

Measuring hormone levels in saliva and urine is a valuable diagnostic tool. Saliva levels tend to be more accurate than blood, and urine testing not only evaluates the hormone levels, but also the way they are being utilized. This can help us to determine which hormones are out of balance and the proper course of treatment. (Read more)

Cortisol Testing

A saliva test that takes 4 different samples through the day to measure cortisol output. It can help decide if someone is suffering from adrenal fatigue. (Read more)

Food Sensitivity Testing

This is a blood test for food sensitivities, rather than true food allergies. With an allergy to a food there may be reactions such as hives or difficulty breathing. Sensitivities to food, on the other hand, can cause general fatigue after eating, gas and bloating, constipation or diarrhea, acid reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and many other general symptoms. The blood test gives a better indication of food sensitivities than the skin prick test. It looks at 90 different foods and evaluates your sensitivity to each one. (Read more)

Stool Testing

A comprehensive digestive stool analysis can give great information about the flora in our gut, this includes good and bad bacteria, as well as possible parasites and yeast. It also looks at undigested food, inflammatory markers, blood, mucus, fat malabsorption, and more. This detailed information can be helpful in trying to determine the cause of your digestive issues. (Read more)

Nutritional Counseling

Good nutrition is one of the foundations of health. Restoration Health offers consultations, separate to a regular office visit, to specifically discuss your current eating habits and to make dietary recommendations to optimize your well-being.

Women's Wellness Exams

Restoration Health offers pap smears and gynecological  exams. We also offer natural treatment for cervical dysplasia (abnormal pap smears). See below.

Wellness Program

This program is based on the principles of preventative medicine. We support the body and provide a solid foundation so that in times of stress, the body is better prepared to cope. Staying healthy means staying on a wellness routine. At Restoration Health, we provide a supportive environment for you to maintain your health throughout the year.

   For a yearly fee, you receive:

    - 3 visits a year

    - A yearly physical exam

    - Blood work

    - Individual nutritional and exercise guidelines

    - Vitamin, Hormonal, and Herbal supplement recommendations

Weight Loss Program

Excess weight can contribute to most of the chronic disease we see in our office, including anxiety and depression, hormonal imbalances, heart disease, diabetes, and auto-immune diseases.

   Our weight loss program gives you:

    -Weekly visits for nutritional counseling

       -Weekly weigh-ins
       -Supplements to assist in fat-burning, appetite control, and energy
       -Individualized exercise program
       -Accountability and support
    Escharotic Treatment
    This is a Naturopathic treatment for abnormal pap smears. It is an alternative to the traditional 
    treatment to the cervix with a LEEP or CONE. Cutting, burning, or freezing of the cervix to 
    eradicate the abnormal cells can leave the cervix fragile and increases the risk of miscarriage. 
    The escharotic treatment is gentle and safe and just as effective at eradicating the dysplasia.

    Hyperbaric Oxygen
    We're excited to bring oxygen to our practice. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers use pressure to 
    deliver more oxygen to our cells. This is great for healing, reducing inflammation, having better
    brain function and more. Research is showing amazing results for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue,
    autism, strokes, concussions and helping to speed healing after an injury. For more info, visit
    our other website: 
  • Weekly visits for nutritional counseling
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Supplements to assist in fat burning, appetite control, and energy
  • Individualized exercise program
  • Accountability and support
  • Weekly visits for nutritional counseling
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Supplements to assist in fat burning, appetite control, and energy
  • Individualized exercise program
  • Accountability and support