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What is Metabolic Testing?

Your breath holds incredible insights into your peak performance and longevity. For over a century, scientists have studied breath 

to understand our bodies at a molecular level and unlock the secrets to optimizing our nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices. 

And now, with the PNOĒ test, breath analysis (also known as metabolic or VO2max testing) is easier than ever, providing clinical 

precision without the need for a medical facility.

Whether your goals include shedding a few pounds, conquering your first marathon, or maximizing your overall well-being, success 

lies in understanding your body's needs. PNOĒ covers all the crucial elements of your biology, offering personalized nutrition, 

training, and breathwork programs that guarantee your success.


Here's what PNOĒ can do for you:   

1. Precision Weight Management: PNOĒ analyzes your metabolism clinically, determining the optimal workout plan, calorie

intake, and macronutrient distribution that will boost your metabolism and lead to sustainable weight managment.

2. Endurance Enhancement: PNOĒ measures the efficiency of your heart, lungs, and cells, identifying limiting factors and

providing a customized plan to overcome them. It also offers valuable metrics for training and races, including movement

economy, personalized training zones, and specific fat and carbohydrate requirements.

3. Longevity Optimization: PNOĒ accurately measures your VO2 max, cellular health, and metabolic efficiency-- powerful

predictors of your lifespan and well-being. It also detects early risk factors for heart, lung, and metabolic syndromes,

empowering you to take proactive steps toward better health.


Completing the PNOĒ test is a breeze—it only takes about 12-15 minutes while wearing the PNOĒ mask that analyzes your breath.


Big picture...why do I like Metabolic testing?

It's personalized. You can google what a 50 year old 5 foot 1 woman's calorie intake should be and Google will give you a generic 

answer. But if you are having trouble losing weight, most likely Google is wrong. Metabolic testing gives you precise answers for 

how many calories your body burns, how well you switch from carb burning to fat burning, which exercise is best for your body, and 


This is a sample Resting Metabolic Test. You can see your metabolic rate, your fat burning efficiency, as well as other heart and lung fitness markers.

The next few pages explain your limitations and how to address them. And the last few pages gives you your personal metabolic rate, how many calories you should consume and what specific exercises are best for your metabolism and goals

This is a sample Active Metabolic Test. You can see your aerobic, heart and lung 
fitness, as well as your metabolic rate and recovery capacity.

The next few pages explain your limitations and how to address them with the 
specific exercises based on your personal parameters.

It also gives you your biological age compared to your chronological age.

It gives you your VO2 max (the gold standard in assessing your overall health)

The last few pages give you your personalized workout recommendations