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Natural Solutions for Cervical Dysplasia

Thousands of women every year have their regular pap smear and it comes back as abnormal. The majority of the time it resolves itself and the next pap smear is normal. However, for some women, it doesn't and the following pap smear is again abnormal. Typically this is from HPV infection.

HPV is the human papilloma virus and is present in about 75% of women. Most women will never have an active infection or abnormal pap smear. Unfortunately for some women, it can lead to cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer.

The typical treatment for an abnormal pap smear is to test for the presence of HPV, and if present, do a biopsy to check for abnormal cells. If necessary, the doctor will do one of 4 surgical procedures to remove the lesion:

  • Cryosurgery- freezing the lesion
  • LEEP- cutting out the lesion with a laser
  • Conization- removing the entire inner circle of the cervix
  • Knife- cutting off the end of the cervix

   These are all effective about 80-90% of the time and no further issues will arise. 

   There are also natural solutions for treating cervical dysplasia. We believe the body has the 

   ability to heal itself. When we simply cut things off the body, it doesn't always deal with the

   cause of the problem. It doesn't fix the environment that created the abnormality in the first 

   place. We prefer to treat the HPV on the cervix, as well as treat the whole person, so their  

   body can heal all the way around.

   To treat the cervical dysplasia, we do a series of herbal treatments directly on the cervix. 

   These help to gently destroy the lesion without having to cut parts off the cervix. We also do

   systemic immune support to help the body work from the inside out.

   Depending on the severity of the lesion, we get just as good of results as the surgical 

   procedures without damaging the cervix. This can mean less complications for those women 

   looking to have children in the future.